Date: 15 June 2012 to 17 June 2012

Location: Chino Hills Community Park - 3287 Eucalytpus Dr. - Chino Hills, CA 91709
Time: 8am to 8pm

Throw Pro will have a tent set up for the CHGS Summer Classic Tournament. Come out and visit us!

The ThrowPro allows a player to practice throwing a ball properly without actually throwing a ball. It strengthens the shoulder and reinforces a true “arm action”. By using the ThrowPro, a player can achieve the easy arm action to become a stand-out to coaches and scouts alike. To read more about the Throw Pro Academy, click here

Date: 26 May 2012 to 28 May 2012

Location: Huntington Beach Sports Complex - 18100 Goldenwest St. - Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Time: 8am to 8pm


The Throw Pro Academy is our own online community with the main purpose of promoting injury preventive education in ball sports. We believe the “Throw Pro Academy” will become the premier site for parents to participate, ensuring their children are getting the latest information and exercises. We will have portions of the site specific to age levels and skill levels to ensure the exercises and information are correct and easy to understand. To read more about the Throw Pro Academy, click here
Throw Pro, provider of baseball training equipment, gives a training demonstration of the 90/90 drill with Ashley. To view the video on Throw Pro’s own site, click here